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When I was a kid my father used to hit me until I bled. I used to hide under my bed because my mom told me if he saw the blood he'd get angry and do it again. They constantly left bruises all over me but would buy me long sleeves and pants to help cover them up. Both of them made me promise not to tell anyone because they said they'd get in trouble and it would all be my fault. They used to call me very derogatory names and tell me absolutely anything just to bring me down and make me feel worthless. My 2 sisters however, were treated amazingly and they were spoiled rotten. I began to resent them for it. Although its been nearly 20 years, I still struggle to forgive my parents for how they treated me growing up.

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  • My mom treated me that way..except for the beating part. ..

  • I'm so sorry that you have to deal with this . But considering to forgive or not , it's something that takes time . Sometimes the scars won't get faded even it's all healed .

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