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I need opinions! There's this guy at work with whom I don't talk much, just hello and minor jokes when we meet around the office. He has a long-time girlfriend and I have a long-time boyfriend. Recently, I was promoted and had to give up jeans and Converse and dress more...business. Also recently, I noticed this guy started making some comments that are really confusing for me. One time he said I looked great and asked me to call him when I get over my boyfriend. I laughed and said nothing. Then, on another occasion, another colleague of ours commented on my thin frame and the guy said I looked perfect. Aside from comments like these, he never made a move on me. I thought he is just being nice with these comments, but I think he should have just said I look good, because "perfect" is a strong word.. What is up with him? Is he..testing me to see if I would want him? Is he just making random comments? What is up with this? :))

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  • They're just thirsty boys hon

  • let's put aside formalisms... he wants to fuck with you.. as simple as that... but he just wants an office affair.... adive, dont play with fire.

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