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So my mother is a narcissist. She aborts any kid who doesn't get her money. Before me she aborted a girl because the father, a married man, would not leave his wife for her. So she was inconvenient. When I was a teen I converted to Christianity, a religion that condemns adultery, so in selfish fashion she through a fit. Thought I was judging her merely because I chose to wait for marriage. Then when I married she was super pissed, clearly hated my wife. My wife thinks it is because she is racist, I just think it is resentment because my wife was a virgin. When we moved away and she could not get money from us anymore so I had lost my usefulness to her. So she being unable to abort me, disowned me. Good Riddance. She will never see her grandkids. She tried to talk my wife into aborting the first one anyway. Probably because he is only half white I don't know.

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  • you live in Asia? this stuff don't happen in the west

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