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Today we got the worst news possible about my fathers battle against cancer and I can't feel anything. I just can't feel, I can't cry or scream or laugh. I'm just sitting here .....empty?

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  • I am very sorry and I know how you feel (as I have lost my mum) :(... There is nothing that I can say which will make you feel better.. Just hang in there... My prayers are with you and your dad..

  • it might be a defense on your feelings. You've put a wall on them, with simple words. Or you might are unconsiously pressing the feelings down and then they'll come out all together. Thet'll be bad, very bad. There's also another possibility, the most possible one. Your loss is so enormous, that your feelings "froze" and you can't react. That's what happened to me when I lost my grandpa and when my sister almost died.

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