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I can't wait until school starts just so I can get some revenge!!! Somebody has been bullying me for 2 years. And now she is acting all nice and kind and trying to be my friend again. When school starts, I'm going to pretend to be her friend, play her 'game'. And after a while, I will do EVERYTHING she has done to me! I will take all her friends (not that she has any) I will take everything she says the complete wrong way! Roll my eyes everytime she comes near me or butts in. So what if she hates me? So what if she never wants to be my friend anymore?? So what if she doesn't trust me anymore??? I don't care!!!! You hear me? I don't care! I am tired of this, and this is the end! Revenge is a dish, best served cold!

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  • All you guys saying that it's wrong to stoop to her level?? I have tried EVERYTHING (I'm not exaggerating) ignoring her, being kind to her, talking to her, and yet she thinks that I'm falling for it and continuing to bully me. She ruined everything. I don't care if I'm the bad guy! I don't care! Ok? I don't care if I get arrested for this! I have had enough. Nothing will change my mind.

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