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I killed them all it was simple. It was so fun they thought they were better than me they thought they could Escape so content with what I was doing. I strung up a girl's boyfriend while they were messing around and I don't know why she was blindfolded butt she took my apps for me and I was silent she started swinging cut right through his abdomen. then I went back to the campsite cut open the fat boy's face. no one suspects me for who would suspect a queer. pretty boy was the hardest to kill his lips were so pretty I kissed them just before he took his last breath then went after his bitch girlfriend I scalped her. oh what a rush. in a nearby rv an older woman was getting porker by the stud of our group a high school student. I did her a favor it's illegal to sleep with a minor. I killed him to but god damn did he look good shirtless. this was a fun spring break can't wait to do it again.

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  • Either you're a fake or you're gonna get caught real soon.

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