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my political views are becoming ever more xenophobic and conservative. as an European we don't need Muslims or Africans anymore. their countries are fucked up but it's not our problem, that's we left the colonies in the 60s and 70s. if you can't solve your problems go somewhere else, we have our own problems here.

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  • You don't owe the world a to be their homeless shelter. I'm an American, interacially married, two biracial kids. I want American immigration to be revised to, " If you are good for the country you can come, otherwise no entry." I don't need the border open to the cartels or worse. We can have LEGAL migrant workers, student visas, and people who obey the law. You can't do that? You are not welcome.

  • At least you appreciate that you have extreme xenophobic beliefs instead of pretending to be a benevolent little angel like most people who share your views. I can't say that I agree with you because due to our ageing population we actually do need immigrants to do labour that no Europeans really want to do.

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