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I told my female cousin last night I want to fuck her. Was just honest direct and a little explicit. Telling her how I wanted to look into her eyes while I fucked her. She argued against it because we're related but not harshly or in a nasty way. We left it that we would not bring it up. She msged me this morning to "check" on me. Something she never does. I msged her back later, telling her how much I wanted her to suck my cock. She said that it was something she didn't do. But when I told her how I would enjoy eating her pussy, she told me she enjoys that. I told her how I wanted to fuck her without a condom and cum deep in her. She talked about how sexy what I said was. I have a feeling she is getting eager to let me fuck her.

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  • SECOND UPDATE: She got in touch this morning wanting begging me to talk dirty to her so she could get off. It didn't take her long to cum. 😁

  • UPDATE: I asked her late yesterday for a one word answer only (yes or no), if she really wanted me to eat her pussy then fuck and cum in her. She said yes.

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