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I opened up for the first time for a guy who I thought cared for me. Turns out he said word to word everthing I had said to him to his friends and he had been using me that time. Now I can't open up to people easily and everyone who opens up to me sais that I can't understand them because I never have problems in my life. The only person I can open up to now is my phsyc and she tells me that I'm on my way to depression and I'm scared.

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  • That* i'm not...sorry

  • I went trough many awful things, it would take to much time to write it down. Anyway, someone once told me, that she thinks I should see a phsyc, and that she was sure i needed it...And yes, at many points I felt like I needed it, but than i thought: I don't need anyone to tell me if I'm not normal and healthy, beacuse no one has the right to do that, only me. So I decided, that I will pull myself together. I faild to do it so many times, but I never gave up and somehow did it. It took years, but I am finally happy. Really, truly happy. And you know, I think whoever does such things like that guy are the weak ones, not you. It takes so much courage to open up and be honest to people. You are not weak, and you are the only one who controls your life, don't be scared. I know that sometimes it seems the exact opposite, and you feel powerless and helpless, but you can choose to be happy or to be miserable. Try to see life and yourself from another perspective, and try to see the beauty in meaningless, little things, be prould of the fact that you still feel. And don't ever forget, that bad things will always happen, it depends on you how you approach them. You know, you only get what you can handle, so don't worry to much, and never give up yourself!:)

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