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I told my mom I'm depressed and she told me to talk to he when I feel shitty. I wanted to look her I the eye and tell her "ok be ready for my mental break downs at 2 in the morning, when you're at work, when I'm art school, when it's your fault, and when it's something you're defiantly boy understand no matter how much I tell you."

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  • Maybe that's what she was thinking but she didn't want to make the conversation too heavy, especially when you were dealing with such heavy topics. I wouldn't think too much of it until you DO approach her at one of these times - maybe she'll surprise you :)

  • so u gonna blame other ppl for ur own depression? who was the one who let it go that far? yourself. the world is shitty. deal with it. it's good enough that your mom still cared to lend an open ear to you. maybe if u start appreciating the little things around you more, you would be much happier.

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