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I hate it when my friends talk about depression, self harm, suicide ect. They always seem to make fun of it. Meanwhile I am sitting there with cuts on my arm, suicidal thoughts and clinical depression. If course they don't know that.

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  • I found out I was pregnant a week ago, and I've been emotionally devastated. My coworker (who isn't even supposed to know, but wouldn't stop prying) asked what I'm going to do now that I know for sure I'm pregnant. I said I'm going to kill myself, and the bitch started LAUGHING.

  • If just stand up and tell them that their wrong, self-centers assholes for joking around about that kind of stuff. I'd roll up my sleeves and tell them exactly why people do this. And how they get even more hurt when people (such as the friends) make fun of it and it just for attention.

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