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Last night, my Mom called and I found out that my alcoholic dad passed out whilst drunk, hitting his head hard whilst doing so. He's in the hospital and hasn't woken up yet. Tearfully I told my boyfriend, who suggested that I should have a drink to make myself feel better. I explained to him how offensive that prospect was and he just looked at me stupidly. The next flight home is today so last night I stayed up worrying. My boyfriend suggested since that we're up late we may as well order pizza and chill. He also kept disappearing off to smoke weed. I'm so fragile right now, all I needed was for him to just understand the horror of what I'm going through but he just keeps on trivialising it. I think I need to dump him.

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  • That's very rude of him. It sounds like the idiot knew exactly what he was doing when he suggested you have a drink. The weed will probably help you, but you probably should dump him. He clearly doesn't care about your well being or your family's

  • Some people just don't know how to show sympathy. It's something foreign to them and you might have to explain to him what's wrong.

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