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Ive been feeling really ugly lately. not saying that to fish for compliments because none of you have ever seen me or don't know who I am. anyways ive tried new makeup, and am wearing a new outfit today. i feel like i look okay (normally i would feel hot and poppin in this outfit but today is just okay. decentish. acceptable. ) but i know tomorrow my self esteem will shoot right back down because I'll have to wear old clothes. I used to be really confident, but somehow in a matter of seconds i convinced myself that I'm just the ugliest sack of shit on the planet and that i need to try harder. ;(

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  • That just makes you even more beautiful. Because your not bragging about how pretty you are or how your body is so sexy. Instead when someone says your pretty your being modest even when you actually think your ugly its modest to not brag

  • I feel the same. It's like even if you know you look good you still get self-conscious.

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