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My dad is cheating on my mom and i'm the only one who knows but i don't want to tell because we have a perfect family. He was always the best dad ever and also a perfect husband. So when i found out it was like a kick in the face because he teached me so many good things about God and being a good person, about love and now i don't even know what should i believe, i don't even know if God is real. I was seeing God in my father just to discover that.I am a very cold person now and i hurt people and I HATE that but i don't know what i should do so i keep living my life like nothing happened. But i can't trust anyone now. If my father could do that, in my eyes anyone can do it.

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  • My dad is a great dad but he is a shit husband. He's slowly getting better now because he realized how amazing my mom is (the woman is a fucking goddess). I love him because he is my father but I would never marry a man like him. If my father ever cheated, I would simply confront him to tell my mom before I do. Your dad is human, he is not perfect, neither is mine. You need to find a way to forgive him or you will be miserable and negative for far too long

  • Sorry honey nut if your dad is cheating on your mom your family isn't perfect. But that's ok. No family is. If your dad is right about one thing it's God. God is real. You just have to put your faith and belief in him and he and Jesus will protect you along your journey❤️ I have a hard time trusting people to so no advice on that. But if there is thing I know is that God and Jesus are love and trust. Put faith in it.

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