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My husband still blames me for him having to disown his parents. He says he doesn't but then when we have any type of argument he brings it up! He has a brother who disowned him and their parents years ago bc of their parents behavior and actions. I told him before we even walked down the isle that I could not tolerate being treated so poorly by his parents and that if he wanted to stick up for them each time, not to marry me. He made his decision to marry me without his parents there ( they got kicked out after physically pushing my mother and causing a huge scene at the wedding). Yet, he still believes that I was the one in the wrong!

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  • I'll add that we have kids already together

  • i was disowned by my mother as well. I tried very hard to make it work but when she gave me an ultimatum I told her I'm nit budging. so she disowned me. Your marraige is more important. You will have kids together and they will live long after this horrible mother is dead.

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