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This is going to be a bit longer and it's one of my many experiences with sexual harassment in just one day: So there was this really hot day last week and I decided to wear a crop top to my regular pants when walking around town with a friend. It was the middle of the day but I got sexually harassed twice by grown men on a monday (I'm 16, and it's not that hard to tell. Both men were easily over the age of 50). The first one was the scariest as he was obviously drunk and his line was "Hey slut! Wanna have some fun with me over here?" So I choose to ignore him because he seemed agressive. "Not interested after all bitch?!", he shouted after me. My friend turns to me and tells me the guy lives in the neighborhood and is known to get drunk and beat his wife and daughter. We then turn around to see the guy stumble around the corner and dart after us. We ran as fast as we could across the street and deeper into the city. We got lucky. I don't know what would've happened to us if we didn't notice him coming after us. Later that day a drunk guy shouted at me with the encouragement of his friends out of a car "Hey sexy bitch, wanna ride with me?". "No thanks idiot, I'm 14.", I lied. His friends laughed at him and he drove off humiliated. That's whatcha get for being a douchebag. Why can't I just wear short clothes when it's hot out and not get harassed for once in my life?

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  • Sloppy worthless drunks

  • because people in your place are very dirty and the poor innocent are the victim! change for the better and be educated.

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