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me and this kid that lives across the street used to play what we called "the naked game" ar his house all the time. i was in 2nd grade and he was in kinder or 1st grade. be actually asked me about everything. i would get naked and show him my body and my cock. sometimes i would boss him around and tell him to touch me somewhere and other times he would boss me around. he often did it in his basement secretly. other times when his sister was "babysitting" we would go outside in his back yard and do it and sometimes on his living room couch and floor. we werent gay jusr curious. now that i think abojt the situation it is really hot... we are much older now but one day he asked me if I remembered it, although i did tell him no.

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  • When I was 7 a 10 yr old girl did that with me - similarly, anyway. Weird unpleasant times. Gonna block that from my memory again now

  • it's normal. it's the so called "phallic phase" when children learn about their genitalia and experiment, it's nothing bad

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