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My friend talks to me about relationships a lot. Always blabbing about how this guy dumped her of this girl dumped her (she's bi), and I honestly just can't. We're both under 18 and I just can't understand why someone would want to date at our age, especially when they know that dating, if done right, either ends in sex or just fades out, and that it's not ok to have sex at our age. We're still at the point where changing schools is a problem, and half the kiddies in this school are immature fucks that aren't going to get anywhere in life if they keep their act up anyway. Having a point of view like mine must suck, I've rejected so many people and it seems so obvious why, yet people just aren't catching on... I honestly feel that I need someone's opinion here, can someone try to explain what's going on?

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  • How old are you exactly? However, some start dating young because they're very mature for a young age, some do it to seem cool. In general I think it's not necessarily bad to start gaining experience at a younger age, to prevent failures later in life when it matters more (finding out what you like, how things work etc.). That's the upside, since you seem to think only negatively about it. But however. Even if all in all it's bad what all others are doing, as long as you don't do it, you shouldn't have a problem, right? Let them do their shit

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