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does anyone here know a couple that 100% wpuld never think to cheat on eachother and never has.. cause i dont and notany people do. in movies the man always usually cheats. when gossiping with friends what do you know?! the man has been unfaithful .. surprise surprise.. is there any guy here who can HONESTLY swear they have remained faithful to their wife or whatever and would never think of cheating on her?! please give me some hope and faith back so my outlook on men can be a bit more possitive cause i have massive trust issues with all men and cannot see myself being in a relationship with one because of the mind games, that unconfident "ill never be as hot as her" feeling.. the hurt.. the betrayal.. the embarrasment. ..

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  • I've been married for more than 10 years and have never and will never cheat on my wife.

  • I know that I would never cheat in a relationship and I would like to think my bf is faithful too, so far so good neither of us have cheated even though we are long distance :)

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