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My sister has "attempted suicide" 72 times in the last five years. She is a drug addict, a user and has lost her kids into family fostering (by me) because of her nasty and aggressive behaviours. Breaking her pensioner mothers jaw because she wouldn't drive her to her dealers and threatening me with a knife in front of the kids are just two of this years delights... Yet when she does something like this and people walk away from her she simply takes some pills to get a sympathy vote to make it all better. My confession is I now wish she'd accidently succeed and let her children move on without her using them as a weapon. She will never deserve them.

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  • They're incredible boys and deserve so much more. I feel immense guilt because I just don't care about her anymore.

  • I would think exactly like you. The next time she tries to do it. Let her sleep a little longer before call the 911... those kids deserve a better life. And you too.

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