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When I was 9 years old, I remember my brother one day talked to me about what he's learning in school. He's 3 years older. He said they were learning about reproductive systems and he doesn't understand the female parts and asked me for "help". He wanted to touch me down there and I said no. He persisted and bribed me (a sand hour glass because I've always wanted one) so I said yea because at that time I wasn't aware of what he's doing and that we weren't supposed to do anything like that. I don't know if he was. Now I don't know if that was considered molesting because I let him do it..

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  • what school is teaching a 3 year old about that?

  • It was erong from his part dont feel ashamed you did not know any better or associate it with pkeasure or a sexual need at the time, unlike him who was such a coward that he went on his own sister that is disgusting, please cut ties with him a man like that is to never be trusted under any circumstances and work as well for women pedophile, scum of earth that they are

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