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I am a single muslim female of 21 year old ill be 22 this year i am a hijabi i live in montreal, i am fromalgerian origin i feel very sad and lonely i really want to get married in the upcoming year since i ll be done soon with uni and it makes me sad that there is no one that wants halal. I am sad in the sens my parent chose a non muslim country not thinking about things like that. I really wish for a good man i dont mind his origin pray for me people and to the people thinking of moving in another country think of the way your kids will grow and no i cant just marry a guy from my countrt because i ve grown up here. I am a 100 percent practicing but canada is amazing it is so tolerant and respectful ti all people we help each other as neighbors no matter what religion and its just that point that makes me sad.

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  • Why not marry a local non-Mussulman ?

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