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I am 25 and keep messing up every relationship I have because of my depression. I'm scared l never find anyone that can accept all of me and help me change. Sadness will always prevail.

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  • alright mate, want some advice? Don't wait for a person to rescue you, there is none. You are the only one able to get you out of this depression and start living the life you long for! I was waiting 2 years for a strong man who can show me the way out of the depression I was suffering from, but then I made the realization that it's my job to do so. Sure it wasn't easy but once I didn't look for someone else to solve my problems anymore I gained the strength to do it by myself. And today I can say that I haven't been thinking of killing myself for along time, that my laughter came back and that I finally fought this illness. Good luck!

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