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I took math for four years. I had the same teacher for three years and I flunked massively bad though I got a C on his junior year by dying to get the grade. even the smartest girl get a D in his class and it's not even AP (advanced) class.. then in senior year.. I took AP Calculus.. its still hard but I got A nor B in that class.... maybe it's the teacher's way of teaching. he stands there speaks low.. say a one lesson then test after. some are not even on the test!!!! then another thing, I wanna change teacher but they said teachers are not the reason to change class so I have no choice.... now I'm graduating with cum laude.. but still good because I got in to an ivy league univ. (it my dream univ. too) which is sooooo rare! I guess I'm lucky.. even though my GPA is lower than univ.'s expectation ..

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  • UGA!

  • what school did u get into? god... maybe you went to a magnet school?

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