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I am in love with a *fuckboy* that my friend hates.

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  • Then most likely ypu fucking friend is right and ypu shouldn't fucking be with him! Leave him the fuck alone because he going to marry that whore that was in his inbox! You need to just stay with you mother fucking wife that loves you and never damn calls back!! But that's okay she still loves you though!!!!

  • I am a womqn loved a fuckboy hard my friend were against it my mom was against it, endee crying all the time lost years of my love and life, take it from someone ehis beenthere , look girl try it but once the pain becomew greater than the pleasure and joy l3ave and wuick, no you can not change him , its not you its him, and dont get caught feeling sorry gor him and believing him too much, in the end he ll take all that sweet pure love you gsve and leave you aching and in pieces and guess what he ll easily find another guillible prey, while you ll collect the pieces of your heart. You cannot fight your feelings but you must be aware of the situation snd see if he s as commited and as in oove as you ignot please leave him i promise you the pain of leaving early is far less than once you stay and it is personnal, good luvk honey

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