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Everything has changed for my super Christian neighbors, everything I thought that I knew about them has gone up in flames. I don't understand how two people could go from being married for 20 plus years and dedicated to their home school family to suddenly being divorced and one is ready to remarry to a new woman already. I keep hearing more and more about long term couples divorcing and it scares the shit out of me. Does anyone else out their feel this way?

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  • Conservative Christians can be hypocrites? The devil you say!

  • My parents have been married for 22 years and fir reak i feel like the love does die like the sexual passion and all that and sometimes they clearly hate each ither but from my culture view you dont divorce after so many years it is seen as shameful as if you spit on an oath you took , so people stay fir their friendship and for the love and life they shared together for the hardships and the kids and if there is a divorce people divorce eaely on meaning this man woman are not for me before having kids or any of that less , messier and more logical, i dont believe tgat you have to have this porn sex and disney romance all life i do believe that you also create and chose to some extent your happinness and staying for 20 years with someone you thinknof divircing or cheating on is definitely a coward move, be brave people you dont need 20 years to know if you like someone if you made that commitment and there is no cheating hold on to it ,

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