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Im laying in my bed listening to my neighbors behind me completely nude hoping no one comes while bed is jerking with each thrust from my neighbors when I rememvered a time that I still dont understand what happened. I visited a families home for a wedding that was to take place and with the place crowded with people my bed was the living room couch. I took a shower and got dressed in my silk boxers and a tshirt. Everyone went to bed and I fell asleep shortly after. The next morning my mom woke me up asking me why was I naked. I didnt have anything to cover up except my pillow. Shortly after everyone was heading through the living room to the dining room looking at me. I looked around trying to find my boxers but I couldnt find them. The biggest question was how and why was I nude when I put on clothes before I went to bed. Who took my shorts off and what happened that night while I was asleep. Still to this day I dont know.

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  • Oh my God

  • I've been taking my cloths off in my sleep even since I was a kid. It happens frequently and I'm never really surprised to wake up naked or half naked, but this is odd and I'm sorry you had to experience that.

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