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A poem I wrote: People ask me all the time what the best thing about being a lesbian is. I always say girls. Because girls. The way their cute faces light up when you surprise them is priceless to me, and the way their smiles match their laughs is beautiful in itself. Have you noticed the way their eyes twinkle when they fall in love or talk about their passions? Or the way they look up at the stars and smile? Or how they bury their faces in your chest when they don't want you to leave? I love it when they cover their eyes when they're flattered. Because then that means a dorky, girly laugh and I just do not know if I can handle that without wanting to grab their faces and kiss them. And don't get me started on they way they rest their heads on your arm when they fall asleep. Yes, it leaves a weird print on your arm the next day but hey, at least she slept well! "Girls" is my answer when people ask me what the best thing about being a lesbian is.

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  • I don't know if I'd say it's a poem, but hey, call it what you want! It's very nice. And very true. It made me think of my dorky little girlfriend u-u

  • Well if I'm honest I'm more of a classical poetry kind of person and I highly dislike poem without any sort of real structure or rules or tempo. Substance was nice but still it's a no from me

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