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I am a depressed guy. Life has not been kind to me. I don't feel like I deserve better to be honest, and that's fine. But being alone and depressed for over four years has taken its toll. I get attached to people and sometimes they see me as needy. That hurts. I want to care for others. Just let yourself be important to me. It makes me feel better. Treating me badly because I am alone and sad has made me feel worse about myself. I want to help others because I like it. If I bother someone I appreciate honesty, but don't demean my efforts because you don't like me. The negatives already out weight my positives. People are assholes and it hurts to see you spit on my efforts to feel better.

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  • Grow a sack ! And stop being a pussy. Mommy and daddy coddled you way to much.

  • yeah that's me 2.0, but i've told most people that if i ask to much, try to much, they just have to tell me, and that they don't have to be affraid, because im too caring, i just want to be nice and kind

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