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I'm a guy that wanted to know what it was like to be gay so I brought myself 2 dildos.. one regular sized one that was the same size as myself and a long thick one. one I deepthroat, and face fuck myself with the other I used for anal. I liked the experience so I decided to try out the real thing even though I'm not attracted to men. it was boring to say the least after letting 2 separate guys use me as their personal whore. so I'll stay with my sex toys and women. I get more pleasure from them.

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  • this is how i felt as a woman with a guy that there is no connection or love with , as a heterosexual woman like yup i like the toys and all that but it feels so boring and mechanical hen you get effed by a guy you have nothing for, needless to say the spark is needed for me , you cannot fake being gay, at home you hae the mechanical pleasure of the toy, but since you identify as hetero or bi. you cant fake desire and attraction good luck on your quest and i am sure this will make you a better lover for future ladies it is not a matter of stiking it in there that will make a woman orgarsm or anybody for that matter but touch smell, words moans...etc, the way he thrust the passion the enrgy it means so much more than that men are not dicks on sticks and women holes on legs....anyways i am getting out of subject here good luck

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