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Okay it's been 4.5 hours and my question still hasn't been approved yet. And I still haven't found any advice since that time, so I'll ask again. My husband had testicular cancer around 8 years ago and had one of them removed, so there has always been a very slim change he couldn't have children. We've been together for four years, and I found out today that I'm pregnant with our first child. Since this is so significant for him, how should I go about telling him? Is a question like this really no appropriate for this app? Lol

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  • I think maybe you should ask him 'If we ever had a baby, what would we name it?' and talk about it for awhile, just hypothetically. And then at the end you can tell him.

  • Really his doctor should have told him. Are you sure he wasn't aware of the decreased fertility rate?

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