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i was reading a twitter post for the zodiac signs as friends. mine described me so perfectly and made me really sad. It said *the scorpio friend is more of an acquaintance. They can be hard to get close to but have good intentions and will laugh at every joke you tell.* used asterics because quotes never work in this app (at least for me). anyways i know this was written to sound possitive but I hate not being very close to many people, and being so awkward in conversation that all I know how to do is laugh when nothing's all that funny. I have 2 close friends and everyone else i talk to is just kind of there and would never consider us close. It's so sad but I suck at socializing and it's hard to just improve one day without making an ass of yourself. ill be going to college soon and i dont want to be all alone. ;(

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  • just smile more, and say hi. I hope you can find someone who accept you despite all your flaws. In the mean time, just pour your heart in here. and one more thing, I am here, so you aren't alone.

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