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I see so many of my friends posting anti Christian shit on their Facebook walls. I get it you are not a fan of christanity that's fine! But if I was to post anti gay shit on my wall they'd all freak on me! Not that I am anti gay, I just believe in love thy neighbor. As a Christian I do my best not to hypricital but we are humans we do fail at this. I see this all the time don't like gay marriage don't have one. Don't like abortion don't have one etc. Well here don't like Christian's don't be one! Respect is a two way street I do the best to give you mine please do your best to give me yours!

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  • Preach🙌🏽❤️

  • its not the religion nor gay people are bad its what narrow thinking people say that are bad. you could be an anti gay nor anti christian and that's fine because we have our own beliefs but ranting about how Christians are shitty is awful and so does ranting about "being gay people is bad" is also awful. we live in a society with diverse way of thinking and what keeps it even more divided is because of the things people say against each other. I'm both a christian and part of lgbt. I see the good of my own existence with those as much as I see also imperfections of being gay and yet being a christian. there's no absolute to every biased beliefs as it always changes so I rather keep it to myself and the thing is. I just hope people would also keep it to themselves kinda like what you also said.

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