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My ex just got out of rehab for heroin addiction & he's been clean for 3 months. He texted me last night asking me if I could get some; he said that if I got some for him he would talk to me & give me the closure I've been needing. I'm so hurt that he tried to enotuonally manipulate me In order to get dope. I've missed him so much & wanted more than anything to see him again but he wouldn't be come to see me, he just wanted the dope. For once in my life I not only stayed strong but did the right thing; he's been clean for 3 months and I don't wanna be the one who makes him relapse. I told him that he could over come his cravings & should consider getting maintenance medications to help him with the cravings. I guess the saying is true, "When you live something, you must set it free."

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  • You deserve way better than that loser. How about you make your own closure by realizing that?

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