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so apparently my parents are divorced, my mother keep on trying to get a loophole to get a lawsuit on my dad so she can get more money to enjoy her life while my dad is too kind and let her do it and keep trusting the wrong person. and to make this worse apparently me and my brother and sisters was actually unwanted product of a one sided love and a failure to both of them where in discreete they hate the fact that they even need to take care of us and give us commodities. which we found out when he was angry that we actually ran out of savings which we keep taking out to cover for his mistake. infact the only thing that kept me from suiciding is the thought that Im gonna finish my degree and get a job and pay for my sister's operation, who are now sick thanks to my parents for being a cheapskate and not buying her necessities and instead bought a new plasma tv. and now theres a girl guilt tripping me because I stop chasing her since she wont reply my text. ohwell. it could be worse right?

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  • You are strong.

  • Congratulations for doing all this in a crazy time in your life. Many would have broken down and given up. Love your life and enjoy. I'm sorry about your sister I hope she is okay. I wish you the best of luck in life.

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