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I've posted this confession on here before, but I'm going to tell the actual story. There was this one time, back in like October, that I hooked up with my girlfriend in her church's bathroom. Basically what happened was, I woke up earlier than normal on that Sunday and my boss called and said that I didn't need to come into work so I had that whole Sunday off. So I called my girlfriend, and told her that I'd come to the church and help her cook the breakfast for the youth group. She was like, "Well, the pastor is here and he doesn't know that we're lesbians or that I have a girlfriend so I'll sneak you in though the back." She did, and right in the middle of helping her cook, I went up behind her and kissed her. One thing led to another and she led us to the woman's bathroom where we hooked up. The way the pastor found out was, the breakfast started burning and the smoke alarm went off and we come running out the bathroom. I'm putting my goodie back on while she's buttoning her pants and it was just a mess. The pastor kicked me out and said that I was "A nuisance and I shall ever return!" It was funny as hell.

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  • I'm lesbian too but shit that's too far.

  • Sex in a place of worship... hilarious.

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