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Before I googled him out of pure curiosity, I never knew who the hell this "Prince" guy was. Never heard of his music nor seen his name as I buzzed across the internet since circa 2007. No offence but as compared to Jackson, this guy seems like... nothing?

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  • Michael and Prince were 'rivals' of sorts. Michael was more popular because Prince was so... 'out there'. Prince sang controversial songs. However, it could be argued that Prince was a 'better' musician because of his daring compositions and instrumental talents. He also wrote way more songs and released more albums than Michael in the same span of time. They were even the same age. But really, I would consider them equal but different. Prince was his own thing, but he was amazing at what he did. He started a musical revolution.

  • he was big in the early 90s but around fifteen years go everyone just stop talking about him

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