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the only thing that was getting me through school and life was going out and raising my pigs. Today I hard a hard day and was really looking forward to going out and feeding them and training them. I get home from school and ask my dad when we are heading out and he says we will have to go late because my little brother had practice. I was a little disappointed but as long as I was still going I was fine with it. it starts to get around the time we were going to leave when my mom's work friends come in with their son. apparently my mom and dad talked to them at my brothers practice and told them that they could go see the pigs and to bring their son so him and my bro could play. their young so my parents said I would watch them. they didn't tell me this so I am changed and already packed everything up when I come downstairs their gone. I'm now sitting in our armchair babysitting my mom's friends kid wanting to kill myself

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  • Don't be too upset. It's just one day. You can always see them tomorrow. Think of it as letting someone else experience the happiness that the pigs give you. Sharing that joy with someone. Although I do think your parents should have at least asked you before offering you up as a babysitter.

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