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Im very upset and concerned for my friend. She's been acting reckless these past few months and im not sure what's causing her sudden change in behavior. She never EVER used to sleep around. She's always been the relationship type. The past couple of months she's had a new guy every couple of days that she's been meeting at parties, clubs or at school events. Nothing that I know of has happened to her that I would think would cause this. What concerns me the most is her either getting pregnant or an std/sti. She's in school for nursing and it's what she's always wanted to do since we were in Jr high and I don't want to see her life derail because of these actions. I've tried talking to her about it nicely but she changes the subject. Im really scared for her and it breaks my heart

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  • Perhaps a mood disorder? Sometimes manic episodes can lead to actions like this. Do a bit of research. I hope she finds her way back on track soon <3

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