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my bosses son fucked me good at work last week .it was so out of the blue .he pulled me into the changing rooms turned me around fingerd my puss till I moaned for him to fuck me.he fucked me hard doggy style and I got a total fucken shock when his gf was watching us. she had one hand on her nipple and the other rubbing her clit it was a major turn on as he fucked me and pulled my hair I could see his gf squirting .omg that was so hot .all I wanted to do was suck his cock well she watched and she did . I fucked him so hard bounced on his fat cock for a good hour.lucky no one was around I felt like a Lil hoe.i would do it again anyway. this wasn't even planed I flaunted my big tits at this guy for weeks and I finally got double worth of pleasure feeling horny writing this I look forward to fucking a island man again

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  • I got a bit wet when I read that.... And now I feel disgusting.

  • Da fuck is wrong with you?!!

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