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My girlfriend was physically and sexually abused by her father from a young age until she was 12. I met her when she was 19 and was dealing with a lot of problems. At first it felt good helping her with her situation but now it is kind of annoying. She blames every problem In her life on him and won't get over it. Its in the past and she needs to move on and quit using that as a crutch. She has used it so much that I don't really feel bad for her anymore.

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  • It reminds me off my ex. She had the same. when i met her she was 15. Cutting, doing drugs everything. I helped her with a lot of problems, but it almost killed me. I got completely depressed. Still recovering. I already had some issues but i only took care of her for 2 years. It is hard but she has to work on herself by her own with a therapist. maybe you can be happier on your own, or really have a long talk about it.

  • my advice to you is dump her. i've met someone like her and i was mad in love with her. it's terrible what she went through but she will drain all of your energy. people like her will ALWAYS play the victim card and are highly instable and egocentric. the girl i knew could hold a relationship for more than 2-3 yrs and those were the good ones. spare yourself the pain

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