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I feel bad cause my parents are unhappy with my grades, I told my mother that I can achieve what I want only if with interest. I don't have interest in studying.

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  • ...It's your choice, really. But think about future, not about the boring studying in the present. For example, I am too, pretty lazy, but at least i try to keep my grades up, in this way:Try-i mean REALLY TRY- to pay attention in class, even if the teacher is as fun as a rock, because that way you understand better. But sincerely, it is all worth later. I am in High School and i lowered my grades a little, because it's harder, but just learn, if you wanna understand things in school later, and wanna get an easier job, in which you can work less than in a harder one, like a constructor or digger or something like that. I'm not saying this like from a parent or something like that, i'm saying it from a Lazybones to a Lazybones. :D

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