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I don't understand everyone's disgust with family members having casual consensual sex. Not for purposes of love or procreation. Just casual sex. They may be your brother/sister/cousin but that doesn't make them any anatomically different. I have been attracted to family members my entire life, never acting on it but never understanding the reason having flings with family members is so taboo.

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  • Meh the chance of problems in a normal baby is 5%. The chance in an inbred baby are about 9%+ (the + being how much inbreeding is in your family.) So an honest assessment of first generation inbreeding is ok. making first cousins land around the 9%- mark (- being the chance that your cousin picked up more genes form your blood related aunt/uncle. However after several generations of inbreeding there are problems with being able to conceive inbred children. Essentially the females body will eventually reject (miscarry) a child that has too similar of DNA. However the chances of inbreeding going this far is quite an anomaly. Also if your actually interested studies on this have been done, just google it.

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