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So I've been hanging out with this guy recently. It's awesome and I really like him. Although he's into some girl and she's into him from past six months. He said that it's a pretty serious crush but they are not a couple because they don't want to ruin everything with a long-distance relationship. (She lives 1,5h away). I don't know what to do... Keep being friends with him? I am not very patient so I would probably tell him something. No matter what option I'll choose, there is no happy ending and I'll get hurt :(

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  • sorry i don't know why i can't confess. something wrong with the website maybe? i think it is not an LDR if it does not take place in another country or/and more than 2 hours away. just from experience.

  • Tell him, maybe he was only seeing this other girl because he doesn't know how you feel about him. You will nevwr know if you don't try.

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