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I'm a girl but I'm constantly called sir and (pretend my brothers name is john) people will be like "are you johns brother?" And they're completely serious no matter what country I'm in. Girls all say I'm perfect and they wish they were like me and I personally think I have a great body (34, 27, 36, 5ft 8 and 57kg) but guys make fun of me for saying I look like a guy and it's not like I dress very masculine like once I was coming back from soccer and stopped at the mall to go to the bathroom and the women in there started to screaming cause they thought I was a guy and I immediately started crying and ran out. Only one guy has every said I was pretty and that's my boyfriend he says that I don't look like a guy and he's really supportive with it but I still hate being called sir and being made fun of for looking like a guy and what makes it worse is that idk what to do to make people look at me and see a girl and not a guy.

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  • I only wear skirts and dresses I haven't worn pants in months and I've tried growing my hair but it's only grown like 6 inches in the past year. And please don't make fun of him.

  • He's probably gay

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