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I cheat on people. I have a boyfriend now (we've been together for 4 months or so) and for once i can actually say honestly that i will not cheat on him. I would never hurt him like that. In the past, it was because of the fact that i was being treated like shit and because i really didn't care, but now.. I can't even imagine doing it. I love him, and that is the first time i've ever truly loved someone. It feels fantastic, but at the same time, it's scary as hell because i'm scared shitless that he will start treating me like the other or cheat on me. But i probably deserve that

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  • Nobody deserves to be cheated on. It happens out of different reasons. Just as you did, he might as well do it, but for other reasons. The question is: Would you be able to forgive him, if he did?

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