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I used to really want a baby and to have a husband. Right now, I don't feel like that anymore. I don't think I can't handle being cheated on. I really feel like there's no reason to live. Get born, school, make babies, work till you old, die. I really think I'm never going to find a husband and I'll die alone. I don't wanna live anymore. Life is boring as hell.

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  • I hate to say this, but, if you can't be happy without a man, you won't be happy with one. You cannot expect someone else to come in a fix all the problems in your life. Look around, find something to do that you enjoy, even as just a hobby. Volunteer. Take responsibility for your own happiness. You are more likely to attract someone who wants a good relationship if you are happy with who you are, on your own. It worked for me. Not long after I stopped focusing on finding someone, and started focusing on being the best person I could be and being happy on my own, I found someone who wanted to be part of my happiness.

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