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I'm 20. I'm not ugly, I have friends, I go to party, but I never had a girlfriend. I'm virgin and it's killing me.

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  • I have been in quite the same situation. I'm 19, and technically I am still a virgin too. But I've come together with a great woman I've known for a few years now and never thought of her as a match for me because she was always "just a friend". I never considered of her as a girlfriend or friend with benefits or something until a good female friend of mine gave me a bunch of advices for hitting on girls etc. (I am a shy guy).One of them was like "Don't hit on girls you don't know if thats not your thing. Reconsider your known ones". actually this is a great advice, because you are much more confident around people you know. They do not only look at your appearance but know you, that can expand your chances very very much. So one day I just went out with this girl I knew for a few years, for some ice cream and we talked very long and we talked very long and so on. I did this on purpose to get her. And it actually worked out, though I had doubts first. The best advice I can give, is to reconsider your known friends and try to get one them to not only like you for your character ( and your appearance), but look at you in a different light. (sry if thats not the best english, I am not a native speaker). I hope this helps you..! It's not that hard actually. There will be rejection, but don't let yourself down because of that. And yes, it will come naturally that you will fall for someone, and they will fall for you too someday. If you really want to do something against it, and force it, this advise helped me a lot. You probably won't have the girl of your Life then, that has to come naturally in my opinion, but it can get you rid of your virginity ;)

  • I'm 20, I'm not ugly, I have friends, I go out, but I never had a boyfriend, I am a virgin, (I haven't even been kissed). Whenever I see a happy couple cuddling on the street I want to smash their faces. I play senarios in my head about how it would be to be in a relashionship. I know how you feel.

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