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I'm a 21 male, and everybody thinks I got everything easily because I'm handsome, confident, and born into a rich family. The Truth is I have been going to therapy for the past five years, I have distorted self image, so I think I'm seriously ugly, I've also been diagnosed with psychopathy, bipolar disorder, ADHD, and severe anger management issues. I have spent my childhood struggling with speech impediments, and sickness, never had a stable friendship, save for a relationship. To top it off I am a closeted genderqueer bisexual who lives in an extremely conservative society. My boss told me today that not everyone was born with a silverspoon in his mouth like me, I nearly fractured his skull.

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  • Spoiled rich kid has a temper. Yawn!

  • You wouldn't say you were "handsome, confident, and born into a rich family" if you actually thought of yourself as seriously ugly. You were born into wealth and you act that way - you're someone who acts like a douche simply because he feels he's entitled to act that way because of his parents' success. Everyone struggles with childhood issues, whether it be speech impediments, sickness, obesity, whatever. You need to just stop caring about how people think of you. If you really feel like an asshole by treating people the way you treat them, change it. No one expects you to act like an asshole just because your parents are rich, so stop doing that.

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