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When I was 13 I tried to kill myself by jumping out of a window at my house. Reason was the guy I loved didn't want anything with me. I was about to jump when my sister suddenly called me out and that was like a sign to me that what I was doing was incredibly selfish. I still cried for weeks. When I look back now Im so grateful for not doing it because guess what? I went on with my life and never gave up on my dream. Today, I'm married to him and we have a son and we love each other so much... Dreams come true people, I'm living proof of it. Never give up on your dream.

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  • I dont understand why people come here and state that a persons confession is pathetic, if you dont relate to it just ignore it. Yes it might seem like a stupid thing to do because at 13 there are no real life problems but just one step and a person would have taken her life. And to know that in the end things turned out fine I think this shows a good message of hope that SOME people come here to look for rather than joke around. I wish more people would confess their conquers after not giving in to their fears.

  • At 13 you wanted to kill yourself because the guy you "loved" rejected you? And then your life dream was to be with that one person? The whole thing sounds pathetic to me. You shouldn't rely so heavily on others for happiness and reason. It's unhealthy.

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